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Love Woolies Handmade Cloth Kid Masks

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Love Woolies Upcycled Wool Sweater Accessories

Our mask effort has grown to over 38,000 donated masks to schools, essential workers, and first responders. Through this effort we were able to provide jobs for 40 mothers sewing from home during the quarantine and mask shortage.

Love Woolies Handmade Cloth Masks

The thing is, we didn't start out making masks. Normally you can find us making the coziest items from old wool sweaters and serving motivational reminders that you can create JOY, despite the flaws in life. Mothers work from home in Utah to hand-cut and sew tattered/unwanted sweaters and turn them into the softest cashmere scrunchies, wool baby mittens, sweater cabin socks and so much more!

Love Woolies Handmade Cashmere Scrunchies
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Love Woolies Handmade Wool Adult and Kid Mittens
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Love Woolies Handmade Cozy Sweater Cabin Socks
Shop Cabin Socks HERE!

One of the most unique things about our wool products despite being handmade, is that they're one-of-a-kind. Because we thrift and upcycle old sweaters, it's unlikely that we see the same color/patterns again. Most items take an entire sweater to make, and some take up to SIX, like our extremely warm wool scarves and wool hats! We always tell our customers that if you see something you like, you have to act quick because you may never see another like it!

Love Woolies Handmade Wool Baby Accessories
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Each item is meant to serve as a warm and cozy reminder that like those sweaters, you can find beauty from the flaws. When you throw your 'You Matter' scrunchie on in the morning, you KNOW that you were created with purpose. You can find your purpose and BE YOU. And that YOU are exactly what the world needs. When you need a cozy hug for your feet, you're reminded that a sweater no one wanted now has a second chance at life. Despite how hard life can get, we hope that our wool accessories remind you of what you're capable of -- which is greatness!

Coloring Pages

Even our kids can be superheroes during this unique time! Free downloadable coloring pages to encourage your kids to wear their face masks!

Love Woolies Kids Wearing Face Masks Coloring Page

Download HERE! 

We hope that this coloring page takes fear and frustration away from kids needing to wear masks. Now that school is back in session and so many kids are wearing masks all day, we want to create some joy that is available in something so new. Hope you will try out our comfortable and joyful masks to go along with this coloring page.

If you are interested in purchasing our face masks, here is a link to our adult and kid masks. We would be very appreciative of your support!

Boy SuperHero with Face Mask Coloring PageGirl SuperHero with Face Mask Coloring Page

Boy Super Hero Download HERE!

Girl Super Hero Download HERE!

 Kids Coloring Page Download HERE!

Enjoy! We would love to see what you guys create with these coloring pages.
Stay safe and thank you so much for all your support.

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Warm Wishes,
Love Woolies

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