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We know that a lot of you are working hard to keep your lives some-what normal as we deal with this COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are forced to stay home with our families and by now, you might have run out of activity ideas. Here we want to share some fun and FREE ideas that you can use to help entertain your kids and have fun with them


Go Noodle

If you have never heard of Go Noodle before, you are very welcome. It is a wonderful website that provides tons of fun videos for kids to watch. These videos are often used by elementary school teachers during various transition times during their school day to help the students to get their wiggles out. Some of their videos are just for entertainment, but other can help teach students various academic concepts with various dances and body movements. Some can even teach your kids how to meditate and calm themselves down. 

Check out some of the video and see what you like! It’s definitely a fun way to have everyone get together and get their wiggles out! 

Go Noodle Logo

Bubble Painting

For this all you will need is acrylic paint, dish soap, and water! This is unique way to paint some fun flowers. Your kids are bound to love this! This is a great way to use that extra acrylic paint you have had laying around. Art is a fun way for you and your family to bond because it allows each person to express themselves in their own way. Embrace that! Be present as you spend time with them. These are the kind of memories that your children will remember for a long time. Try it out! 

Tutorial Found Here.

bubble painting

Make A Time Capsule!

This is a unique time that allows us to spend so much time with our families at home. Why not come together to make it even more memorable by creating a time capsule together! All you’ll need to start will be some sort of durable container to put all of your items in. Have everyone add one thing to the time capsule as well as a small note with something they want to remember in the future.

Work together to decide when you want to come back together and open the time capsule. 1 year? 2 years? 6 months? 1 month? Whatever works for you! As classic time capsules are usually done, they are usually buried in the ground and then rediscovered later. If this works for you and your family, find somewhere to bury it. Kids will have extra amounts of fun being able to create a map together to help them find where they buried the time capsule 

Have a Fashion Show 

 Sometimes having fun involves doing something that you have never done before. Having a family fashion show is something that can be silly and memorable for everyone! 

Make it fun! Have everyone bring 5 things from their own closets that they want to add to the mix. Once everyone has brought their contribution, let everyone pick a few items from the pile and combine their articles of clothing or accessories into a whole new outfit! Maybe it will be fashionable... or maybe it won’t. Thats not the point! This activity is great because it allows the whole family to learn about each other’s ideas and taste in clothing. Not only that, but it is a memorable experience to think about one of your kids wearing your favorite scarf as a hat. Or maybe even Dad’s favorite t-shirt being turned into a dress. Who knows!?

 Set up a stage however you think is appropriate. Put on some fun music and cheer as each member of your family walks down the runway in style! Don’t forget to snap a few memorable pictures for future keepsakes too. ;)


Looking For More?

If you are looking for even more ideas of ways to have fun with your family, I would definitely recommend checking our this website of “Boredom Busters.” 

Just Let It Happen. Be Present!  

No matter what you choose to do...Let it be a fun experience. Let it be a time that is enjoyed. Let it be a time where you put your phone down and just laugh with your family. Let it be a time to create new experiences and memories together. Let it be a time to learn about each other. You have the power to create joy in your life and it involves being present with those that you love. 

We hope that this was helpful and we would love to hear about how YOU are spending more quality time with your family during this chaotic time! We hope you will be present for those who need you the most. It might be challenging, but it will definitely be worth it. 


We love you all! 

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