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During a season of love and relationships, it is important to be reminded about the importance of the relationship you have with yourself. They say in order to love others fully we have to fully love ourselves. There are so many ways we can show ourselves love, what is keeping us from doing just that? 

We are passionate about being proactive and present in our lives! We want to encourage everyone to do whatever it takes to learn about yourself and love yourself no matter what! Leave the past in the past and let's move forward! Here we will give you the 5 Ways to Love Yourself. Love Woolies has a special message that focuses on encouraging each of us to create joy in our lives despite what life might throw our way. We hope our message will encourage us all to show a little more self love and care during this season of love. 

How to love your self?
#1 Learn About Yourself

When we take the time to stop and learn about ourselves, we are reminded that we are human. That we have feelings, opinions, ideas, and dreams that all MATTER! You matter! Try making a list of all of your strengths. Give yourself credit for all of the big and little things that you have accomplish during your life. Don't let any negative thoughts get in your way. This list can be as generic or specific as you would like. Writing down these strengths reminds yourself of all of the talents and skills that are still inside of you even if you have not used them in a while. 

How To Love Yourself Blog Post YOU MATTER!

Use this time for some self reflection.

Is there something you want to make more of a strength?

Is there something that stops you from using your strengths?

What makes your strengths unique?

Allow yourself to stop, breathe, and get to know YOU.
You are worth getting to know. 

How to love yourself?
#2 Watch an Inspiring Movie 

Taking the time to watch a movie that gives you goosebumps is something that can truly help you be motivated to create joy in your life and love who you are! Pay attention to your emotions. Is there something you notice that changes the way you see your life? Do you feel motivated or curious to try something totally new? Are are inspired by the goals of the characters? Are there any quotes that stand out to you as being meaningful? There are all good questions to consider because they help you to be more aware of yourself and your perspectives. I truly believe that there are various characters in movies that reach out to us as viewers and share incredible messages with us! If you don't believe me... Just try it out! Some movies we would recommend are:

-Dumplin (currently on Netflix as of Feb. 2020)

-I Feel Prettty

-Crazy Rich Asians 

-Julie & Julia (currently on Netflix as of Feb. 2020)

*There are so many good movies out there! Share what movies speak to you in the comments!*

How To Love Yourself Blog Post YOU MATTER

How to love yourself?
#3 Schedule In "Me Time"

This will be different for everyone because everyone has very different schedules. But! The most important this is that you have "me time" in your schedule somewhere that is convenient for you! 

Ask yourself, "What is one thing I would love to do more if I had more "free time"? 

Whatever you said, consider making that what you do as your "me time." This time can be whatever you want it to be! The main thing to remember is that you will get just as much as you put into it. Your "me time" should accomplish two things. First, it should help you to focus on you and what you can give to this word and second, it should be enjoyable! It should always be something that you look forward to doing! Examples can include, journaling, reading, writing stories, taking a relaxing bath or shower, etc. There are so many options! Whatever calls to you as being your "me time," do it! Make time for it because it will help you to be more present with yourself so that you can be there for the other people in your life.

How to love yourself?
#4 Be Kind to Yourself in Every Way Possible

This involves the way that we talk to ourselves, think about ourselves, and even how we see ourselves when we look in the mirror. Whenever you can, be kind to yourself! Be patient with yourself because you are still learning. Be loving towards yourself because you deserve to be loved! You matter and the way that you see yourself matters. Sometimes we find that we only see the negative aspects of ourselves when we see ourselves. Let's stop that... now! It's not worth it! We waste too much time being mean to ourselves that we miss out on the joy and pride that comes from loving ourselves. 

How to Love Yourself YOU MATTER Blog Post

Remember, you are human. You make mistakes. We all do! Let's move past those mistakes of the past and focus on how we can create a better and more joyful future for ourselves. Loving yourself means finding the balance between striving to be better and being happy with who you are right now. When this balance exists inside of us, we are able to choose to be kind to ourselves. We should feel a sense of unconditional love towards ourselves. 

We can be kind to ourselves by, saying more positive things about ourselves, being patient with ourselves when we make mistakes, and working towards taking baby steps toward being the person we want to be. 

How to love yourself?
#5 Be Proud of Who You Are! 

You are incredible! And even if you don't feel that in this very moment, you can learn to realize that! You are incredible because you are capable of creating joy in your life no matter what! You are in control of you own life. You are able to make the best of every situation that comes your way. And no, it will not be all sunshine and rainbows. There may be tears. There will be hard days. Hard days are inevitable, but the way we react to those hard days is up to us! 

Be proud of who you have become and how far you have made it so far! Be proud of the times you stood up for what you believed in. Be proud of the times where you have accomplished something others thought was impossible. Be proud of the person you have become because of the challenges that you have had in your life. Be proud of YOU!

How to Love Yourself YOU MATTER Blog Post

You are capable! You are loved! You MATTER! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Be kind to yourself and keep moving forward! This is joyful time of the year where we can ponder on love and how we can love ourselves. Self care is essential to creating a joyful life because we need to have time for ourselves in order to better understand our needs and talents. 

Take the time to get to know yourself. Watch an inspiring movie that encourages you to be better and live your dream even if it feels crazy. Be kind to yourself always! Being kind to yourself is always worth your time and effort. 

Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself that you matter. Do whatever you need to do to love yourself because you Darlin' are meant to be loved. 

♥Love Woolies

How to Love Yourself YOU MATTER Blog Post

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