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 Having big dreams is an important and joyful part of life. Having goals and dreams for your future allow you to think about what you want to do with your life. Our big dreams are meant to be big and sometimes intimidating. Big dreams and goals are what motivates us to keep moving during the hard time and to keep trying when it seems like everything is against us. 


Journals That Help With Your Big Dreams! 


Journals are helpful tools that can help us to process and write down our thoughts, ideas, memories, fears, and goals. Journals can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Writing in a journal can also help you to reduce stress, maintain good mental health and track your progress of daily or monthly habits. 

When we write down our big dreams, they become significantly closer to becoming reality. Just the simple act of putting what our big dreams are into written words, changes the way we, the the writer, feels about them. Writing down your goals and dreams are important because they help you to realize what you are about to start working towards. No matter how big or small the goal, writing them down helps us to recognize what we truly want.

Remember, YOU can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.  


These 3 Journals are all helpful because they each promote different writing prompts and goal setting. What they do have in common is that they all promote dreaming big and working towards those big dreams! 

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1. J.O.T. Journals

These journals are created for a quick way to allow you to better process the things that are going on around you. These journals have a beautiful story of being created by a mother who wanted to find away to remember both the ups and downs of her day-to-day life. The J.O.T Journal creator says, "J.O.T. journals open doors to journaling over time, at your own pace, and hopefully throughout your life." They have places for you to fill out daily prompts such as worries, magic moments, highs, lows, and "see the good, be the good." You can approach these prompt any way you'd like which is exactly why this type of journal can help you accomplish your big dreams! They help you to be more aware of what is going on around you so that you can make time for taking those little steps towards your big dreams. 

Visit their website at https://j-o-t-journals.myshopify.com/

2. Finding Joy Workbook by The Refining Workbooks

These workbooks are created to help individuals "in finding, keeping, and remembering joy throughout life." In this workbook there are four sections of joyful exercises to encourage self-exploration, recognition of joy in daily life, acknowledgement of tender mercies from God. This journal focuses on setting goals towards accomplishing big dreams. They allow you to set goals and track your progress. They focus on having and recognizing joy in your life as you work towards your big dreams and goals. We can create joy in our lives as we work towards accomplishing these goals. 

Visit their website for more information at https://www.refiningworkbooks.com/shop/finding-joy-workbook

3. Five Little Lines Journals 

These journals are also known as "5 Year Journals." They have pages for every day of the year and they provide 5 lines for each day for the course of 5 years. The user will be able to use the same page for each day of the 5 years on a new set of lines. This is very fun because it allows the writer to see and compare what they might have done on January 20th 2020 in comparison to January 20th 2019. The beauty of this journal is that it only requires you to write down what is of most importance to you from that day. Sometimes we find ourselves stressed out about journal writing because we feel like we have to write down everything we can. This journal allows us to take a different approach and only focus on 5 lines a day. Here we can record our dreams, goals, and progress each day to see how we might want to improve as we look back on past memories. Writing down your dreams here can help you see how you have been able to act on those goals and aspirations. 

Visit their website for more information at http://www.fivelittlelines.com/product/5-year-journal

 Whatever your goals might be, go and do it! Write them down. Make plans. Make goals. Do whatever it takes! You got this! Try it out and see what works for you! I believe in YOU!

Warm Wishes! 

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