April 02, 2020 3 min read

You know us, we are all about repurposing! We love looking for ways to use and reuse things that we might already have around the house and give them a new life! And just like all of you, we sometimes need a little inspiration. We use our Pinterest board to help us find new and unique ways to repurposed basic household items into fun and creative creations! With Easter coming around, I definitely needed some help! And I loved what I was able to find!

Take a look at our Pinterest board to see what ideas you might what to try too!


Looking forward to trying some of these out. I wanted to share the ones that I want to try out right away!  

 Easter Garland

My favorite idea is creating a simple Easter Garland. This used simple paper bunny shapes and with simple cotton balls or Pom-Poms as their cute fluffy tails! I love how simple and fun this idea is! Even if all you have is the same colored paper for all of the bunnies, I think that would look adorable! And if you don’t have Pom-Poms you can make your own! Check out this video that shows you how to do that! The simplest option, and my personal favorite, is using simple Cottons Balls because I think it makes their tails look all the more fluffier! 

For more info, check out this website. Enjoy! 


Let Your Kids Help! 

You can even let your kids create their own garland to display! They can help make something like this using simple paper, ribbon, and all of the colored pencils or markers you have. Kids always love being able to display what they create. Let them make it how they want. I thought it was very unique how they used the ribbon to “hang” the eggs  on. I’ve personally never seen that technique used before which makes this project very kid friendly. 

For more instructions, check out this link


 Rustic Easter Eggs

This is another idea that totally caught my eye! These look so cute and I love that you could put these anywhere you needed or wanted to and they would look rustic and Easter-y.


The supplies you will  need are:

Plastic Easter Eggs

Jute (Can easily be found at any craft store and will cost you about $2.99 for a spool)

– Vintage lace, ribbon, and buttons for embellishment

– Hot Glue Gun


 *Check out this website for more information on how to create these adorable eggs! 


We LOVE You All! 

We just wanted to let you all know that we are thinking about you all during this crazy time in the world. Although a lot of things are getting cancelled in our lives, lets not let any of our joy go away! We are all capable of creating our own joy in our lives no matter what our circumstances are! You can do this! WE can do this! Do what you love and don’t forget to BE YOU! The world NEEDS you! The world needs you now, more than ever. 

Take Care! We love you all!  



 Want Even More Ideas?

If you want even more ideas, check out this blog with many more ideas of simple Spring & Easter decor ideas! 

Don’t forgot to also check out our boards on Pinterest! We have lots of repurposing ideas and many more to come! Enjoy! 

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