July 14, 2020 2 min read

What do you do that feels like Christmas? Do you string popcorn, make snowman pancakes or go sledding? One of my favorite parts about Christmas is seeing what traditions our Love Woolies team, friends and family have! We’re talking about our favorite traditions below, but we would love to hear what you do during the holiday season! Tag us on Instagram @lovewoolies and tell us all about it, we might just add your tradition to the list below for others to get inspired!

Christmas Letters

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Sending out Christmas cards and letters is something that people truly treasure now in this digital age. Get the whole family to leave a note, include some photos and send it off! Get some Christmas letter templates here.

Wearing Christmas PJs


Every year we all get Christmas pajamas (some years we mix & match, some years we all match!) We usually take a fun Christmas photo in front of the tree or fireplace and post it on social, include it in our Christmas cards or just print it to display on the fridge! You can do this with your family, friends or your furry friend! Or hey, all three! It’s sure to create some fun memories.

Christmas Breakfast

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Who doesn't love waking up and eating a big Christmas breakfast followed with some Christmas movies, music or a little snooze (no judgements here!). These Snowman Pancakes are SO much fun to make and bound to fill up everyone in the house! Not to mention, just look at how cute they are!! If you try these or have your own Christmas breakfast recipe, let us know!

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