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Sweater Mitten Family
Hi! I'm Marcella Hill, this is my crazy cute family.
Love Woolies started in 2008 when my little sister, Linda, was given a pair of sweater mittens to help with her Raynaud's disease. She made a few sweater mittens and sold them at a local market. My Mom and Dad loved the mittens and took it to the next level making hundreds and traveling to Christmas Shows. They built the business for 5 years. 
Then it was time to retire and head to Arizona. They asked me if I wanted to continue the family business, so with a newborn baby, a newly blended family, and a townhouse...naturally I said yes! 
Many winter nights were spent, out in my tiny town house garage, wearing snow pants, cutting sweaters.
I'm so proud of the brand and products my parents have built and thrilled to be able to grow the family business. 
♥We employ mothers to sew from their own home.
♥All of the sweaters are washed and cut in my home.
♥The sweaters are all found at thrift shops or donated directly.
♥We have saved over 10,000 sweaters...and counting everyday.
♥We believe in second chances and everyone deserves love, no matter how crazy you are. 
We have made each item with you in mind, we made something just for you, you just have to find it. 
Love Woolies
& Marcella Hill

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