Cozy Bow Scrunchie | The Shelby

Created from 100% re-purposed cashmere sweaters. Love Woolies scrunchies are handmade from mothers working from home in Utah. One-of-a-kind luxurious cashmere hair accessory.

♥Cable Knit Pink

Not just a scrunchie. Your scrunchie is a reminder of the strength you have to create joy from the snags life gives you. 

Hold thick and thin hair all day. Wear it at night for long hair. Wear it without an elastic to keep hair from breaking. Wear it on your wrist as a cozy soft comforting accessory. Be it a top knot, braid, pony tail, or bracelet, wear it with intention and remember that YOU MATTER.

When you wear the Shelby may you remember that your passion and knowledge are exactly what the world needs right now. Your unique ability to support and lift helps others rise to their potential. Your passion for education and helping others has brought hope and joy. Keep being all of you.

Not only does the world need you...but YOU NEED YOU.

Love Woolies♥


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