Shades of Moonbeam | Adult Cotton Mask

Layers of 100% high density COTTON. 

Open mask size is about 8”x 5” 

*Ear Loops Made Large For Adjustment*

Our ear loops are made with soft, stretchy jersey material, for a comfortable fit.  Ear loops are made large, so that they may be ADJUSTED, allowing a customized fit for each customer.  Tie a small knot in the ends of each ear loop to adjust the fit to your comfort (as seen in a product picture).

Machine washable.  We suggest washing your masks inside a pillowcase, in warm/hot water, on a delicate cycle.

Ships within 2-3 Business Days from Utah

*Patterns on the inside of the mask may vary.

If you would like to purchase a large quantity (250 or more) for your company or organization, please email for bulk pricing.

Thank you for your support and THANK YOU for your effort to save lives.

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